Offbeat Kurtis That Can Do Wonders to Your Wardrobe

Kurtis are absolute must-have items in every Indian woman’s wardrobe. If you step out on to the streets you are bound to find lots of women sporting it. There are quite a few reasons why they are so popular. First of all, unlike traditional attires like Sarees, they take much less time to wear and are convenient for travelling in crowded public transports. Even if you don’t avail buses or metros, Kurtis are an obvious choice owing to the reflection of modernity present in them. Online Designer Kurti buying is becoming increasingly popular because of this reason. It is a great way to incorporate style while remaining modest at the same time. It can be worn in both formal and informal settings if it is customized according to the needs of the occasion.

Many people know about Kurti fabrics such as cotton and silk. While these two are glorious materials in their own right, they are not that uncommon. Getting Kurtis that have exclusive cuts and designs is a good option. But another great way of staying unique is to get Kurtis made out of materials that are slightly offbeat.

Let us Now look into Three different kinds of Fabrics and Learn how they can Enhance your Kurti-Look.

  • Rayon– Rayon is a kind of material that is made out of naturally occurring polymers. It has a glossy sheen which is much akin to that of silk. But unlike silk it is not that expensive and nor is it difficult to maintain. It is very comfortable to wear especially in tropical climates because it has the ability to make sweat and moisture evaporate very quickly. At a time when demand for cotton was exceeding the supply, investments were made into making of rayon. Rayon can be dyed and printed very easily and so if you’re into exquisite patterns, this is the perfect fabric for you. Buy Online Ethnic Kurtis made out of rayon to stand out from the crowd without emptying your wallet.
  • Khadi– The hand-spun cotton material called Khadi is intrinsically related to India’s Swadeshi movement. Even today the spinning wheel or “Charkha” of Khadi remains a symbol of vital importance. Wear Kurtis made out of this slightly coarse material will give you an offbeat and edgy look. It is rather soothing for the skin and when paired with dark kohl and silver accessories, it can really work wonders.
  • Georgette– This kind of fabric that can be both a variety of silk or faux. It is very light-weight and is capable of giving you a flowing look. Although slightly difficult to maintain, this can infuse a touch of western appeal to your otherwise ethnic look.