Flaunt Your Summer Outfit with Tie and Dye Kurtis

kurti online shoppingTie and dye are considered as one of the oldest techniques of cloth that is popular in India. But now it is widely popular across the globe and also the technique is known everywhere. While women when does Kurti online shopping they try to buy Kurtis made of this particular technique. Many traditions and cultures have practiced this art for years but in India, practically it started before the historic times. The great legend Alexander himself praised the cotton fabric and from that period onwards tie and dye absolutely started gaining its importance. In India, this technique is practiced mainly in Rajasthan and locally the name of the technique is given as ‘Bandhani’. Today this technique is widely used to make designer Indo-western Kurtis. Tie and dye Kurtis are one of the most famous kinds of Kurtis that actually designed and known as Bandhani print.

There is different kind of online dresses for women and among that one of the most popular ones in tie dye kurtis which is not only popular in India but also in the USA. Tie and dye kurtis are very much popular during the seventies, it was the time when the entire fashion industry is actually trying to accept the combination of ethnic and westernized clothes. This actually also upgraded the technique of tie and dye in India and thus, it is a big boost for the artisans of Rajasthan.

The basic procedure for tie and dye is same wherever it is used but only the designs that get changed. The cloth at first properly tied and then bunched together or crushed sometimes to get that texture of the cloth. This process or technique is also called as ‘resist dyeing’ which means that a certain part of the cloth is protected from this technique.

The Indian version of this technique often used to decorate a Kurti. The varieties which are used on this Kurti generally worn for regular wear. It comes with variety of colours and also it looks vibrant . Generally, if we talk about particular traditional design the Bandhani Kurtis comes in different shades and patterns. Some very tiny dots are left uncoloured and rest of the Kurti is dyed into bright colours like orange, red, violet, green etc. Also, sometimes Kurtis are designed in multiple colours either they have a very minimal contrast from each other or a transition from one material to another is found. Generally, the second technique is a very complex one as it has to be done manually.

Style Tips

Tie and dye kurtis can provide you a very classy yet bohemian look and because of that the particular style never gets out of fashion. However, this particular kind of kurti is much more versatile in look than another kind of Kurtis. This particular kind of Kurti can also be assembled with different kind of accessories. A bright colour of designed pattern kurti is absolutely suitable to make you look elegant.